Welcome to the Whitewater Learning
Implementation and Reinforcement Toolbox

 This toolbox is designed for those who are responsible for leading the Whitewater Learning on-line and in-person professional development initiatives for his or her team. Though the Whitewater Learning content is online, we believe that, when taking a deep dive into any stream of topics, one must also be able to reflect and discuss understandings and applications in person. This may be done either using the same physical spaces, or through discussions in cyber spaces by applying such tools as Skype, Go-to-Meeting, or the many other options available.

 We also stress the importance of discovering the “webbed” nature of Whitewater content. Though each module can stand alone, you will quickly discover that the more modules you access, the greater your ability to see the layers of life, hazards, and energy under the immediate surface as learners dive deeply into the complexities of teaching, learning, and leading in all educator roles.

 But, as we present a product that we are proud to deliver to individuals and teams of educators across the United States and abroad, we recognize that change is hard. Our goal in providing this toolkit is to introduce techniques that can be applied to facilitate the process of full implementation leading to deeper and faster enculturation of online professional development into your learning organization. In the pockets of the folder you will find:

  • Introductory remarks.
  • 11 lessons on how to implement a variety of options and techniques designed to increase educators’ commitments to embrace Whitewater Learning.
  • A document titled Navigating the Website shows how our website is a part of the user’s toolkit for effective professional development.
  • Card templates. The templates may be printed and given to educators throughout their professional learning to celebrate the use of Whitewater Learning and their improved practices. These, along with the many other suggestions for reinforcement and celebrations are designed to help shape, encourage, and recognize educators throughout their learning adventure.


Ann Zweber Werner, PhD
Founder and CEO


The principles provided in the toolkit have proven to be relevant and effective for all ages.


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