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Are you interested in earning university Professional Development credits through the University of North Dakota using Whitewater Learning® content? If YES, read on…

If you are already enrolled in a full subscription to Whitewater Learning, and that subscription will be active for the next four months, or you plan on subscribing to a full subscription prior to enrolling in a UND Whitewater Learning course, you are eligible to enroll in the UND Whitewater Learning courses at a reduced rate.

Contact (952-240-4478) to receive an alternate UND registration code PRIOR to enrolling on the UND registration page.

Directions for Completing University of North Dakota (UND) Professional Development Courses Using Whitewater Learning® (WWL) Content

Proceed through the following steps to successfully complete this UND-with-Whitewater Learning course. These directions will also be available on through the UND/PDE website when selecting a WWL course.

  1. Go to the UND/PDE website to review all courses offered by UND using Whitewater Learning (WWL) content and completion requirements. Select one or more. There is no limitation on the number of courses that may be enrolled in at one time but, because UND allows learners to enroll at any time of the year with a requisite to complete all course requirements within four months. Therefore, it is recommended that the student select only one or two courses at a time.
  2. Determine the number of credits for enrollment. Each course is offered for one or two semester credits. Expect 15 hours to complete all requirements for one-credit and 30 hours to complete all two-semester credit courses.
  3. Complete the enrollment process on the UND/PDE website.
  4. On the Wednesday after enrollment, UND will notify the instructor of record (IOR) of the names and contact information for the new enrollees. Upon receipt of this information the IOR will send a welcome letter to each new student and include the passcode for access to the selected course(s).
  5. The student may begin the course immediately upon receipt of the welcome letter and passcode.
  6. If the subscriber is a first time user, begin with the module titled, Getting Started: How to Use Whitewater Learning. This module is only required one time.

Course requirements:

Carefully review all contents included in the module. States and universities use a predetermined number of clock hours as criteria for earning credits or to renew a state license. Therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of each module plus the written assignments are completed. At the end of every module the learner is asked to attest that all requirements have been completed. This is a matter of professional ethics.

  1. Begin by reviewing the module’s study sheet, reviewing all glossary terms and, it is recommended the learner either brings the module script into view on a second monitor or print a copy to use as a study tool to read along while listening to the video presentation.
  2. View – The video is divided into “layers” to assure enough bandwidth and allow for multiple reflections. View each layer of video.
  3. Reflect – Stop the video and reflect on the statement or question provided at the end of each layer found in a module. (The module will include several layers of video.)
  4. Review – Read the suggested readings section of the module. All sources are not only cited by also annotated to be more useful to the learner.
  5. Assessments and Survey — Complete both the survey and the assessment at the end of the module.
  6. Confirm – When completed, an orange horn will appear with a statement that asks the learner to affirm that all of the components of the module have been completed. If the learner cannot truthfully affirm the statement, simply go back and finish any sections outstanding.
    1. When complete, click on the affirmation link. The learner will now be able to print the certificate of completion with his or her name printed on the certificate. Keep the certificate for your records but you may not use a module or its parts more than once for a course or license renewal in a state and time period.
  7. Write – There are two categories of required writing that are to be either emailed as an attachment to the learner’s IOR or posted on the discussion forum for the module. The IOR, in his or her welcome letter, will instruct the learner on where to send the completed papers. The two written assignments are:
    1. Write a short one to two page paper to addresses the reflection statements found at the end of every layer in the module. One paper is required for each module included in the course. In your reflections apply the module content to your authentic practice addressing previous challenges, new or expanded understanding, and future plans for improvement.
    2. Write a summative reflection, no longer than two pages, following the specifications found on the Summative Reflection directions. As directed by your IOR, either email your reflections directly to the IOR or post them on the discussion forum.


If you have questions, contact the instructor of record (IOR) at (952-240-4478). The IOR may assign the student to another reader for review, comment and grading.

After the final assignments have been graded and the Certificate of Completion has been printed, the IOR will submit a final grade on the grade sheet provided by the Office of Extended Learning (OEL).

NON-completers: By or before the student’s end-of-course date, WWL will notify UND if a registered student will not complete the course, so UND may cancel the student’s credit registration.

NOTE – Once the student’s grades have been received by the UND Registrar, allow two weeks for the course and grades to appear in the Continuing Education section of the UND transcript. Students taking WWL courses from UND for PD credit should be aware that it will take approximately one month from the time they complete the course to see their grades posted on a UND transcript.

Summative Reflection Directions

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