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 The Whitewater Learning website is more than a source of information; it is a part of the users toolkit for effective professional development.

 Each section is described below.

 Home – serves as Whitewater Learning’s compass…

  1. Committed to setting the national standard for professional development

We set the standard for professional development, challenging educators to dive deeply into the whitewater of learning to understand, create, and apply best practices that support and challenge each learner; assessable and affordable anytime, anywhere. We are committed to the highest of quality.

  1. Why the name Whitewater Learning® Metaphor for the similarity between education and white water. Always moving forward, ever changing and exciting.

But, if the navigator does not know how to do the job those entrusted

to his or her skills can realize dramatic consequences.

 About – we listened and then created…

  1. Advisors

In the development of Whitewater Learning we have consulted with over 100 advisors from MN, other states and the world. Module format was informed by the founder’s experience writing university courses, it meets the standards for university accreditation reviews and goes beyond to incorporate authentic practice sets informed by the founders many years as a teacher and administrator in public schools.

  1. 11 ways to use Whitewater Learning

The 11 ways include:

  • Support the performance review process.
  • Induct new hires into already established professional initiatives.
  • Support for professional teams and learning communities.
  • To support flipped learning.
  • Just in time when questions arise.
  • Earn clock hours for renewing your professional licensing.
  • Use in place of reporting to work on snow and other weather related days.
  • Support state/national mandates and health benefit initiatives.
  • Create or support university courses.
  • Lane change when completing university transcripted courses supported by Whitewater Learning content.
  • Badging

If you do not see it, we can build it!

Library – robust, ever changing, ready for your deep dive into professional developed, grounded by standards…


            Performance Indicators

  1. Whitewater performance indicators are an amalgamation of the indicators found in Danielson, Marzano, McRel, Mods4Edu, and Zimco. The language in each model served as evidence that the same research supported the indicators found in every model.   Therefore, the Whitewater language was created as a composite of all of the indicators plus some unique to knowledge and skills that have emerged from the content experts found in the Whitewater library.
  2. Each module title is aligned with the performance indicators found in the content included in the module script.
  3. The module script is then coded to show where the indicator is addressed within the script.


Standards and Competencies

  1. Adding InTASC standards grid.
  2. Minnesota licensing competencies standards grid aligns modules for use in initial licensure courses.


Streams – Allow Educators to Dive Deeper into the Whitewater of

               Professional Development

  1. The streams grid shows the webbing of content among modules. Instead of approaching professional learning in silos, as is often done in textbooks and formal university coursework, Whitewater Learning approaches professional development from the lenses of actual work and the webbed nature of complex duties found in the work of educators. There are sixteen categories and for some a set of subcategories. Modules titles are aligned with the number of streams that pertain to the content contained in the module.
  2. Badges are aligned with the streams of modules. There are five levels of badges. The badge feature is under construction.


Searchable Library

  1. The library allows users to search alphabetically by title, author, module number and number of clock hours.
  2. By clicking on the title of a module users will be able to see the title of each layer within the video and the amount of time needed to view a specific layer… generally less than 10 minutes. The learner can complete an entire module or just access pieces depending on interest and need.
  3. The first number of the module number indicates the eight broad categories into which each module is sorted. They are:

1000 series – Strategic Leadership

2000 series – Instructional Leadership

3000 series – Managerial Leadership

4000 series – Cultural Leadership

5000 series – Communications Leadership

6000 series – School Community Leadership

7000 series – Ethical and Professional Leadership

8000 series – Adult and Family Education Leadership

The next three numbers indicates the order of development. The numbers after the dot indicates the month and year it was placed online. Modules are reviewed periodically and later editions added.

  1. Select the module of choice and either pay for the single module or individual group subscription. Districts may also purchase full year group subscriptions providing access to educators by name.

University Credits – use to traverse professional questions, as a source for clock hours or a way to earn university credits…

  1. Using Whitewater Learning content, university credits are available through the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota with others coming.
  2. UND provides transcripted professional development credits for $50.00 per credit to equal 15 clock hours. These are not transferable into graduate degrees but may be used for lane change within a district.
  3. The UMN credits may be transferred into a graduate degree with preapproval from the student’s academic advisor. Normal university tuition applies.
  4. Some states require transcripted credits for license renewal. Unless the state specifies a home state university option, the UND or UMN credits may be applicable. Check your state’s requirements for assurances.


  1. For $299.00 an individual subscriber can enjoy UNLIMITED, ANYTIME use of the entire Whitewater Learning library for a full year. This means that learners have completed all of the requirements to renew an educator license using Whitewater Learning content in one year at the cost of only $299.00. (For states that require credits be recorded on a transcript from an accredited university, add tuition costs.)
  2. Unlimited, full year group subscriptions to Whitewater Learning are available at reduced prices.


  1. Because each module is housed on a TIES server in St. Paul, MN the amount of time spent in each module can be verified for each individual user. Therefore, districts and learners can verify the authenticity of their involvement. Upon completion, the learner prints a certificate of completion.
  2. Users have access to technology help should difficulty with accessing a module occur.


  1. Provides tools for implementing and reinforcing Whitewater Learning.
  2. Provides templates for greeting cards used to reinforce desired behaviors.
  3. All templates included in the toolkit may be modified and printed by subscribers. They may not be copied by non-subscribers without permission.


Pathway for use…

  • Review the 11 uses for Whitewater Learning and select the one that best fits your needs.
  • Review the Performance Indicators and Streams of Learning to inform your module selections either based on need or your personal interests.
  • Select your module and access it to the level of your personal need… a few minutes to access a layer or words in the glossary, an authentic practice set as a blueprint for action, or an entire module to earn a certificate of completion for three to six clock hours of professional development toward license renewal.
  • To maximize learning, take advantage of in-person or online professional development partners.
  • Enjoy! Be excited about new learning or additional ways to think about seasoned practices.

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