Tool #10

Completion of College or University Courses

 The creation of Whitewater Learning got its roots at the University of Minnesota prior to becoming a private business owned by Whitewater Learning, Inc. In their current development, each module continues to use the same standards of excellence found in universities accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

 Whitewater Learning® has negotiated a partnership with universities providing a variety of types of options where Whitewater Learning content is used to earn university transcript credits.

 Prices range from $50.00 per graduate level credit earning15 hours of professional development clock hours that may be used for lane change on a salary schedule within a district to regular tuition in other universities. The graduate degree program credits charged by the university at regular tuition rates may be used as elective graduate credits applied to degree programs.

 The cost of a Whitewater Learning subscription is in addition to the university tuition. However, if the employing district has purchased a group subscription for its employees, that subscription applies to access to the Whitewater Learning modules assigned to the university courses at no additional charge.

 Providing this option to educators within a district can be a strong reinforcement to continuously commit to dive deeper into the white water of exceptional expertise as an educator.

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