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Are you interested in earning university Professional Development credits through the University of North Dakota using Whitewater Learning® content? If YES, read on…

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Getting Started: How to Use Whitewater Learning©

Note you will be able to print out a two clock-hour Certificate of Completion when you have finished all parts of the module. If you have questions contact or call 952-240-4478.

Title of Whitewater Learning© ModuleModule NumberContent Expert(s)Clock Hours 
Strategic Leadership: Beliefs, Mission and Vision 2nd ed.©1001Hoth, Patrick & Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber 5
Designing the Future of Education in Society©1002Moravec, PhD, John3
The Future of Education: Skills and Competencies of Knowmadic Workers©1003Cobo, Dr. Cristobal for Education Futures/Moravec, John3
Transitioning from Classrooms to Augmented Realities: Changing the Nature of Education©1004Harkins, PhD, Arthur & Thayer, PhD, Tryggvi5
Characteristics of Professional Learning Communities in High School©1005Lindahl, EdD, Becca3
Shaping Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) For Success©1006Cahill, Dan4
Preparing for Life at All Ages: Introduction to Workforce, Independent Living, Civic, and Metaphysical Readiness©1007Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber3
The Importance of Understanding Children’s Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety and Depression – DSM-5©2000 Swanson PhD, Ellen Teelucksingh3
Mathematics Achievement and Computer Aided Instruction Part 1©2001Bernard, PhD, Ben3
Mathematics Achievement and Computer Aided Instruction Part 2©2002Bernard, PhD, Ben3
Autism Spectrum Disorders – Mild to Moderate Severity2003Peters, Debra4
UnLimiting Practices for Adolescent English Learners with Limited or Interrupted Formal Schooling©2004Bigelow, PhD, Martha 4
Effects of Laptop Initiatives on Student Achievement in Mathematics: Part 1©2005Queener, EdD, Ray4
Effects of Laptop Initiatives on Student Achievement in Mathematics: Part 2©2006Queener, EdD, Ray5
Essential Early Reading Components: A Rationale and Overview©2007Heathcote, Lisa 3
Alignment of Standards-Based Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Learning Environment©2008Lubke, PhD, Jean4
Reading in the Content Areas©2009Hansen, Dawn S. 3
Data-Driven Decision-Making©2010O'Connor, EdD, Steve 3
Word Study: A Tool to Improve Spelling, Reading, and Writing©2011Doriott, Chelsea 3
The Power of Formative Assessment©2012Hamborg, Amy4
Teaching Reading: Evidence-based Best Practices©2014Lyons. Deb & Jensen, Diane 4
Project Based Learning©2015Grover, Hope3
Differentiated Instruction©2017Walsh, Amber3
Pathway to Success: Planning and Preparation Using SMART Goals©2018Akre, Susan3
Introduction to Substitute Teaching: Recommendations for the Substitute Teacher and Host School©2020Whitewater team3
Music in Our Schools: A Pathway to Student Success©2023Johnson, Jena K. 3
Special Education Essentials for Every Educator©2025Hammel, EdD, Karen6
How to Read and Utilize Instructional Data©.
2029Ekrem, Maggie4
Interpreting and Utilizing English Learner Data©2030Robertson, Kristina3
Scaffolding for English Learners©2032Westerlund, EdD, Ruslana3
Education Finance: Understanding the History, Sources, Timeline and Case Law©3001Wilson, PhD, Tom6
Developing Preliminary Budget Assumptions: 2nd Edition©3002Taipale, EdD, Lyle 4
Leading School Finance Elections©3003Blaesing, PhD, Ted 6
Leading with Purpose: A Day in the Life of a School Through the Eyes of an Assistant Principal©3004Spriggs, Martha 4
School Safety: Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario, 2nd Ed.©3007Wilson, Tom5
Measuring Principal Performance in Minnesota: Overview©3008Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber (Ed), Presenters: Gary Amoroso, P. Fred Storti, Joann Knuth, and Stan F. Mack II5
Measuring Principal Performance in Minnesota: Implementation©3009Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber (Ed), Presenters: Gary Amoroso, Ken Dragseth, PhD, Joann Knuth, and Fred Storti5
Performance Management: A PBIS Compatible Framework to Changing Behavior to Increase School Effectiveness©3010Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber 4
Developing a School Mediation Program©3011Fiutak, EdD, Thomas 4
Bloodborne Pathogens and Right to Know©: Refresher Version.3012McNaughton-Commers, Carole 0.6
Bloodborne Pathogens and Right to Know©: Expanded Version.3013McNaughton-Commers, Carole 3
Bullying and Mandatory Reporting in Schools©3014Hammel, EdD, Karen3
Building Blocks of Effective Schooling for English Learners: A Self-Assessment for Leaders©4001Westerlund, EdD Ruslana3
Cyber-Bullying: Hateful, Harmful, Insidious -- 6 Students Speak Out© 4002Fucci, Dominic 6
School Social Work: History, Trends, Ethics, and Perspectives©4003Poppy, Alexia 3
School Social Workers: Making a Difference in Student Success©4004Ryan, Patsy 3
Students of Color: Pivotal Educational Experiences©4005Loeck, EdD, Jenny4
PBIS: An Overview and Introduction to the Prevention of Bullying Behaviors ©4006Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber 3
A 15-Year-Old Bisexual Boy’s Personal Story of Being Bullied and Attempting Suicide© (A PBIS Example)4007Justin, the boy (pseudonym) Stacey, his mother3
Survival 101: Tips for the Successful Student©4008Williams, Brad4
Survival 102: Tips for the Successful Teacher©4009Williams, Brad3
Warning! Sinking Ship: Helping Those Around Us©4010Williams, Brad3
Factors Affecting Success of Native American Students: History, Culture and Globalization©4011Lathrop, Cathy 3
African American People: Communication, Perceptions, Behaviors, and Beliefs©4012McClain, Portia4
Traumatization of Youth and Adolescents: Implications for Educator Practices and Student Success©4015Lindstrom, Heather3
Educación and Culturally Relevant Teaching in U.S. Public Schools4016Un, PhD, Sylvi 3
Communication Between the Latino and Majority Communities: Cultural Perspectives for Increased Success©4017Garcia, Hector 4
Influence of Slavery and Oppression on African American Students©4018McClain, Portia4
Encountering American Public Education, Part 1©4019Hammel, EdD, Karen3
Encountering American Public Education, Part 2©4020Hammel, EdD, Karen3
Building Relationships Among the Latino Students, Parents, and the School©4021Garcia, Hector 3
Understanding English Learner Demographics of U.S. Schools©4022Westerlund, EdD, Ruslana4
Legal Requirements for Serving English Language Learners©4023Westerlund, EdD, Ruslana3
Best Practices for English Language Learners©4024Westerlund, EdD, Ruslana3
People of Islamic Faith: Communications, Perceptions, Behaviors, and Beliefs©4025Howard, Lee5
Effective Public Process: A Tool to Inform and Enhance the Work of Educators, 2nd Ed.©5001Gothberg, Bridget; Lisec,Tom; Wittman, Bob4
Managing the Media©5002Werner, Larry3
Communicating About School Referenda: It’s Not a Job, It’s an Adventure©5004Noyed, Robert 3
Managing the Media Interview©5005Werner, Larry3
Levels of Engagement: Partnerships and Collaboration©6001Gothberg, Bridget; Lisec,Tom; Wittman, Bob3
Community Capital©6002Latimer, EdD, Sally3
Educator Ethics©7001Triplett, Nancy & Werner, PhD, Ann6
Laws that Govern Actions in Ed Leadership: Data Privacy and Student Searches©7002Forbes, Esq, Paula3
Health and Wellness of Educators©7003Lowry, PhD, Ann3
Emotional Wellbeing and Stress Reduction©7004Goodell, PsyD, Brad3
Nutrition, Movement, and Emotional Wellbeing©7005Goodell, PsyD, Brad3
Principal Practices and Their Impact on Teacher Job Satisfaction©7007Hahn, EdD, Heidi 4
Getting Started: How to Use Whitewater Learning©7008Werner, PhD, Ann Zweber 2
Adult Education: An Overview©8004Peterson, PhD, Shari 3
The Importance of Understanding Children’s Mental Health Disorders: Bipolar Disorder, Attention Disorders, Disruptive Behavior Disorders, & Autism Spectrum Disorder – DSM-5©2013Swanson, PhD, Ellen Teelucksingh 3
Life Readiness at All Ages: Civic Engagement: Using Engaging Civics Instructional Strategies©
Smisek, M.Ed., Allegra4
Life Readiness at All Ages - Workforce Ready Skills: Etiquette and Related Topics (Making a Strong First Impression)©1008Ann Zweber Werner, Ph.D.3


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