Whitewater Learning ® (WWL) Performance Indicators are an amalgamation of performance indicator concepts included in Danielson, Marzano, McRel, Zimco, and Mods4Edu platform models and are enhanced by applicable research found in various modules in the WWL library. The methodology used by WWL was to compare the concepts in each individual indicator per model to the language in the other four models. The comparisons were stark indicating a compatibility of research applied to each model. The performance indicators are aligned with the module titles in which they are found. This is an excellent tool to use when planning your professional development around performance improvement as well as a tool for evaluators when recommending content to enhance practice.

The Performance Indicator Grid also codes modules that align with the topics required for relicensing in Minnesota.

Click the link to open up the Performance Indicators Grid

Whitewater Learning® Titles and Performance Indicators Grid

Click the link to download the ACE Standards Sheet

ACE Standards Sheet

Attention Minnesota educators: In the first column of the Performance Indicator Grid you will find a code aligned to the module’s title that shows which, if any, of the six required performance development topics required for Minnesota’s educator license renewal, is included in that module. There are multiple options for each of the requirements. Only one session is required for each topic, per license renewal period, but the learner may select multiple modules “mini-courses” aligned to any topic. The date of activation for the sixth requirement, English Language Learners, is August 2015.

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