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Autism Spectrum Disorders – Mild to Moderate Severity© by Debra Peters

Authentic Practice Sets

Authentic Practice Sets are blueprints for how to complete skill sets aligned with the content in a module. Every module has its own practice sets included in the module’s support materials and the titles of the sets are listed here. Scan and select to support performance review processes or the “just-in-time” work of the educator.

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By clicking the link below you will enter our library. Once you are at the grid you can click the arrows by each title for your preferred sort option. You can either sort alphabetically by title, alphabetically by author, numerically by module number, or by clock hours. From there you can click any title and it will give you a description and the option to purchase it.

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Attention Minnesota educators: In the first column of the Performance Indicator Grid you will find a code aligned to the module’s title that shows which, if any, of the six required performance development topics required for Minnesota’s educator license renewal, is included in that module. There are multiple options for each of the requirements. Only one session is required for each topic, per license renewal period, but the learner may select multiple modules “mini-courses” aligned to any topic. The date of activation for the sixth requirement, English Language Learners, is August 2015.

Performance Indicator Grid and Streams Grid Support the Library

These grids support the library. The Performance Indicator Grid, designed to support performance review and improvement systems, aligns performance indicators with module titles.

The Streams Grid shows the alignment of 16 categories “streams” of content. Module titles are sorted under the appropriate streams. The work of an educator is multifaceted and complex and therefore you will note that each module webs under multiple streams of knowledge and skills.

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