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 Password and ID

To use a Whitewater Learning® module, you need to register and pay the fee. You will then have a user name and password to access the materials.  Your module purchases are accessible immediately and access continues for one year.

Technical Requirements for Site

The first time you access the Whitewater Learning® module of your choice, or if you are experiencing difficulties, review the Technology Page for essential information about the requirements needed to use the Whitewater Learning® online program.

Are You Able to Access the Courses on Your Phone/Tablet?

The Yes, WWL is designed to be accessible on all types of electronic platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Need New Certificate or Need a Duplicate Certificate?

Minnesota licenses must be renewed every 5 years, except for Short Call Sub licenses.

Look up your license at the Minnesota Department of Education website HERE.

Other States: if you do not know your licensing authority’s website, look it up HERE.

If An Employee Does Not Have Access to a Printer, Are the Certificates Able to be Kept in Their On-line Account and Printed at a Later Time?

Yes, the Certificate of Completion is stored so that you can print it at anytime and if you have lost your original certificate you can print a duplicate.

How do I reprint a certificate or print certificates of completion that I did not immediately print after finishing a module?

You repeat the same process that you would have used immediately after completing a module.

1. You cannot print a certificate of completion unless ALL of the following have been done:

A. Finished and SUBMITTED the Personal Assessment.

B. Finished and SUBMITTED the Module Survey.

C. When both of those are done the orange horn and statement will appear. It is hidden until both the assessment and survey are done:

D. Click on the horn. A page titled Attestation of Completion and Certificate Disbursement will appear. Read that page. At the bottom there is a hot link that states “Click here to make a selection.”

E. On the next page you must attest that you have reviewed all of the instructional information contained in the module. If you cannot do that because you have not done the work, simply go back into the module and finish reviewing the entire module’s content. Then return to this section and select the first question.

F. Submit your selection.

G. Next, you will be provided the choice of printing one of three types of certificates:


• The credit bearing course Certificate of Completion is documentation that you have completed an assignment. Because courses carry clock hours for license renewal, the contents of the course cannot. That would be “double-dipping.” This certificate does not bear independent clock hours.

• Administrator clock hours. This is signed by the Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of School Administrators. Think of that signature as similar to the signature on a certificate from a national conference.

• Teacher clock hours. This certificate is to be printed for licensed positions that are not specifically licensed administrator positions such as teachers, counselors, school psychologists, school social workers and the like.

Do I have to pass the assessment to download my Certificate of Completion?


This is an assessment for learning not of learning. A learner must complete the assessment in order to print his or her certificate of completion but there is no specific passing score assigned. The same approach to assessment is taken by Whitewater as most professional development workshops through which clock hours are assigned for relicensure simply for attending. Our goal is to help subscribers learn and therefore we attempt to avoid any roadblocks that could become punishers and therefore stop learning from taking place.

When the completed assessment is submitted, the program immediately responds with the correct answers to any item that is false. That way the teaching and learning loop is never severed. Whitewater is committed to continuous loop for learning.

How Many Certificates of Completion Can I print in One Day?

Only print the number of certificates that reflect the number of clock hours that can be completed in one day. Printing over 12-15 hours at a time may trigger a review of the subscriber’s account to verify whether or not he or she actually completed all of the required work prior to printing the individual certificates.

How Does a Subscription Work?

When you purchase a full subscription you have full access to all of the modules in the Library for one year.  You may start and stop modules at any time and you may also return to review information after your certificate is printed. There are no extra fees beyond the subscription price. One fee covers it all, no matter how many clock hours/CEUs you attain or how many modules you use.

Need Another Certificate?

How can I get a duplicate if I lose my certification of completion for an individual module?

Return to and log into the Whitewater Modules site, click on your Module, scroll to the bottom of the page and click, “Attestation of Completion and Certificate Disbursement. Click the appropriate link for the type of certificate you need. 

About the Format

Why are there periods after each item in a list? That is not correct conventional writing format.

It is true that adding a period after each bullet is not correct conventional, including APA, writing style but Whitewater Learning® is committed to providing service to Americans with Disabilities (ADA) as much as possible. Adding a period after an item in a list signals electronic readers that the next item is a new bullet and not a continuation of the previous thought.

 How Are Modules Developed?

Who are the author/experts?

Whitewater Learning® selects individuals to provide expert content and presentations based upon many factors related to their education, training, experience and more. 

How are the topics selected?

Topics are identified through current research, legislation, best practices, feedback and requests. We are always looking for experts to add to the streams of learning in the Library. If you would like to get involved, contact Ann Zweber Werner at

Can my district request development of particular module topics?

Yes. Allow us to help your district or school whitewater your professional development so that when individuals leave the district new hires can easily catch up on school improvement initiatives by completing modules that parallel previous instruction. Contact us at    

How Do I Set up for Classroom Use?

Email and include, “Facilitated Module” in the subject line. You will be contacted by our technical support staff to guide you through the process.

•Whitewater will provide answers to the questions in the study sheet found in each module. However, that option does not appear on the module’s homepage. You must request access by contacting.

•Access to a group blog feature may be requested. When opened the blog will be accessible to specific users identified by a lead teacher or facilitator. Whitewater requires that someone be responsible for monitoring entries to the discussion forum.

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