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Individual Subscriptions, 50% Discount! Bravo to the end of another school year!

And welcome to our biggest sale ever: one-year subscriptions priced at just $149.50! Like a summer rainstorm, this sale will pass quickly: it ends May 31, 2017!

   •One year unlimited subscription with individual access to ALL modules for $299.00 $149.50.

   •Individual subscriptions are purchased online through PayPal.

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Group Subscriptions

Group subscriptions provide individuals within educational organizations such as school districts, school buildings, colleges and universities unlimited online access to all Whitewater Learning professional development content and services. The group subscriber provides Whitewater with individual users’ names and email addresses. Whitewater sends an email to each user with his/her passcode for logging into the system.

Whitewater has a very strong pricing package for first-time district or school group subscriptions. With a second-year renewal commitment, Whitewater charges $60 per person, per year, for all employees who are licensed or have a licensed-like position such as community education program leaders and cultural competence coordinators. Whitewater then absorbs the cost of providing additional annual subscriptions for all support services positions such as clerical, food service, custodians, bus drivers and paraprofessionals.

Direct your group sales questions to

Ann Zweber Werner, PhD


License and use rights

Whitewater Learning modules are designed to be used either individually or in combination with other modules in a stream (“Program”).

The Program is owned and copyright protected by Whitewater Learning, LLC. Whitewater Learning® is a trademark owned by Whitewater Learning, LLC. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and all rights are reserved by Whitewater Learning, LLC. No trademark rights are hereby licensed in connection with the use of this Program.

By using this Program, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, including, but not limited to the Purchase User’s agreement to the terms of the license agreement provided at the time of purchase. If you do not agree to these terms, please cease using the program immediately and all rights granted shall immediately cease.

Whitewater Learning, LLC is entitled to receive attorney’s fees for any breach by a University User or Purchase User.

Please contact Ann Zweber Werner, PhD 

with any questions regarding your rights or to inquire about additional use rights.

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