Goals of Whitewater Learning include

Challenge educators to think in new ways.

Push the boundaries of traditional practices in education.

Cause educators to authentically care for each student, parent, and educator.

Promote inclusionary practices throughout Pre-K through adult basic education programming in schools and school districts so that educators have the capacity to prepare every student to enter a job or be college ready upon graduation from high school.

Getting to Know Whitewater Learning

Whitewater Learning is flexible and fluid


The target audience for Whitewater Learning content is anyone who works in the profession of teaching and learning including individual teachers, administrators and support staff members. It is useful as a professional development source for individuals or groups of educators gathered to form a Professional Learning Team.


Time? – From Minutes to Hours

With a subscription, learners can access specific content with only minutes available to grasp a concept or at other times users will choose to take a deep dive into webbed concepts. You can:

  • Review a topic or even just one term, requiring one to ten minutes.
  • Watch an entire video devoting 30 – 60 minutes to professional learning.
  • Complete all the requirements to earn three to six continuing education clock hours for license renewal.
  • Devote 15 hours to earn one graduate level university credit.
  • Or, to stimulate discussion at a learning community’s desired pace as it reviews data and seeks solutions that ultimately lead to each student being college or workforce ready upon graduation high school.


YOU Decide

Based on your interests and needs, YOU determine your goals and the modules you select to quickly review or study at a deeper level. Performance Indicators are provided and may be used by the members of a performance review process or individually to help shape a personalized professional development plan.


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