We set the standard for professional development, challenging educators to dive deeply into the whitewater of learning
to understand, create, and apply best practices that support and move each learner to greater success;
accessible and affordable anytime, anywhere.

Education is Like Whitewater

Always moving forward, ever changing and exciting.
But, if the navigator does not know how to do the job those entrusted
to his or her skills can realize dramatic consequences.

Whitewater News

Introductory Sale!
10 Days Only March 17 - 26
15 hours of Online Professional Development for Educators for only $50.00 per set.
Select one of two packages with four modules each. Both sets feature our new module titled:
People of Islamic Faith: Communications, Perceptions, Behaviors, and Beliefs©. Package 1: Connecting with Students, Parents, and Colleagues Through Understanding Culture
Package 2:Increasing Cultural Awareness and Meeting MN Requirements
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